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I'm a NEW member!

First and foremost, thank you for your membership! We look forward to providing quality health care coverage to you and your family.

As a new member, you may have questions about how to use your new health care coverage or want to find out more about our programs and services.

Let's start with your health plan member ID card. Your member ID card confirms your insurance coverage and includes key information about your health plan, such as plan type, copayment amounts for certain services and important contact information.

Use your member ID card when you see your providers, get lab or radiology tests, check in to a hospital or pick up a prescription. Your insurance card helps you access the health care services covered by your insurance plan.

And, when you need contact information for the health plan, you can just look on the back of your ID card. You'll find phone numbers for Member Services and our 24-Hour Telephone Advice Nurse Service.

For specific information, please take a look at the topics on the left.